Pink PJ Owl Pouch/Bag

$39.00 $19.00
PJ Owl Pouch! 
These cute PJ Pouch are great for hanging on the back of a bedroom door,
so their PJs are nice and tidy! Perfect for children’s rooms
Hang it by their bed
Hang it on the wall or door.
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    Height: Between 13" - 15" (35cm - 40cm)
    Width: 11" - 13" ( 28cm - 35cm)

    Surface wash only. Air Dry.
    Age 3 and up. 
    100% cotton on the outside.
    Organic felt pieces for the eyes and beak.
    This item is handmade. 
    Imperfections can happen 
    in the making of the PJ Owl Pouch,
    proof of its authenticity. 
    PJ in the picture is ONLY for show,
    NOT selling it.
    Made in USA.