NEW! Strong Reusable Bendy Stainless Steel Straws!


All NEW - Check out our strong Reusable Bendy Stainless Steel Straw for the whole family!

STOP Using Plastic Drinking Straws!

  • Bendy straw
  • Includes cleaning brush accessory.
  • Includes linen bag for storage.
  • Great for cocktails!
  • Food grade & test approved material (SS304).
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Engraved!
  • Eco-friendly - 500 million straw is used DAILY by Americans!
  • MAKE THE SWITCH NOW - It takes up to 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose & they CAN'T be recycled!
  • Straws are littered very often and harm Ocean wildlife!


  • 8"length x 0.2"diameter x 0.01 thickness (metal)
  • 215mm longueur x 6mm diamètre x 0.5 épaisseur (métal)

Avenue Petit Lou is proud to help our planet, our ocean wildlife and you to make the change! It is easy! Just say NO to plastic straws when you go out! Encourage your local merchants to ban plastic straws altogether.