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Kitty and the Virus started for us in August 2018 when Kitty was diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis and sepsis, she spent just over a week in the Newcastle RVI, Kitty came out with cheers from doctors and nurses so happy to see her again, we were hours away from a different story. Days after being out she ran the mini great north run for the Meningitis Research Foundation, seeing her cross that finish line was VERY emotional
June 2019 we were back, treated her for the worst and again a week later Kitty's with us and fighting fit, weeks later running the mini great tees run dressed as Bat girl again for the same charity
It was highlighted that Kitty, and her sister too Phoebe have a rare immune deficiency, there's something missing that fights off particularly meningitis.
Things hit them a lot harder than others, especially Kitty
So when we were informed of a Virus outbreak and to keep them shielded and safe indoors, currently going on nearly 11 weeks not passed the front gate.
Shes always drawing crazy characters and making up wonderful stories in her sketch pad, telling her granda one day this story he said 'you should make that into a book'
So she did, she's named, coloured, designed all of the characters, come up with the story and I've tried to being it all together for her in 'Kitty and the Virus'
A story about a girl who can't go outside and what she does to keep busy, and for those who have to go out, how to keep safe
Kitty's amazing, she really is, she wants to inspire other boys and girls to write stories and make up characters, in her words 'get them out of the brain and onto the paper.

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