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Plank Books is founded by Jane and Katelyn. We want children to learn the importance of sharing with those in need through the Giving Adventures of Sam the Squirrel and other animal friends to come.

We both have a passion for helping others to believe in themselves, reach their goals, and give back to their communities. We met by doing this work professionally, now we are married and combining our personal and professional experience to teach children about these same topics.

When we first moved in together we combined our laundry and had a lot of pants. We shared a closet and we kept having the same exchange: “are these my pants?” “No, these are my pants.” We started to laugh and thought it sounded like a children’s book. Our nephews and nieces immediately became enamoured of the phrase and would chant it back to us and it became a fun joke. We decided this was the perfect opportunity to share a lighthearted but important message about giving with all generations.

Jane, a former childhood star of the movie The Mighty Ducks, now has the opportunity and passion to bring joy again to a new generation of children. Katelyn always found herself at the top of all of the reading competitions as a child and can’t wait for the Giving Adventures series that includes These Are My Pants to shape the lives of kids everywhere.

Jane and Katelyn, originally from the Midwest, now live in Arizona with their two rescue dogs Cody and Mavie. They have the opportunity to continue the giving movement by donating 20% of their proceeds to Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona. Thank you for being a part of the mission of giving!

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