Red Airplane Cloud Cotton Legging

Size: 18 -24 months

We’ve seen far too many diaper-bottomed tots squeezed into skinny jeans. (Have you ever tried putting skinny jeans on a baby? You’ll break a sweat getting them on and off. And then they can’t move!)

Whatever happened to comfort for little ones? You know, leggings stretchy enough for wriggling and—dare to imagine—fitting over cloth diapers?

Our original one-of-a-kind brand of cozy and soft reinforced leggings, designed to make your little one (and you) happy!

Perfect for slipping over even the bulkiest diapers, with room to scrunch or stretch in the legs as your kiddo grows. No need to shop for a brand new wardrobe every time they size up! These leggings will last you a few seasons.

Perfect for a gift, even better as a set!

75% Cotton / 22% Nylon / 3% Spandex 

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