Keepsake Teddy Bears - Unique Gift!

This is an Avenue Petit Lou Collection - Keepsake Teddy Bear
  • Personal gift that will make her cry!
  • Unique - ONE of a kind.
  • Made with your precious baby clothes.
  • Keep the memories of your children when they were babies alive and by your side.
  • Great for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Christmas, etc.
  •  Read and follow the instructions - Click HERE.



"Even the most unsentimental of parents can find themselves strangely unwilling
to get rid of those precious baby clothes.
They get left in cupboards, under stairs and in attics."
We want to help people find a way to keep those clothes in a more tactile way –
so you can have something to cuddle / keep safe
for the future when your little one is all grown up.