Joli Decor - Personalized Home Decorations

Joli Decor is a collection created by Avenue Petit Lou. 
  • Deco Letters - Great for bedroom decorations
  • Pj Owl Pouch/Bag - Tidy up your children's Pj.
  • Decorative Garlands - Great for parties - New colors available!
  • Bamboo Woodland Decor - Hang pictures, hair clips, and more!
  • More to be added soon!

All items are handmade with LOVE and with you in our mind!

We want to create fun, cute and personalized items that you can customize with your child's name or other.

Our Joli Decor Collection consist of the following:

  • Handmade children's bedroom decorations.
  • Custom made options for your convenience!
  • Personalized it with the name of your child!
  • Garlands are a fun addition to your home decoration.
  • Eco-friendly - we use 100% cotton, burlap, and hemp fabric.
  • We recycle ALL fabric left over as much as we can.
  • More colors and choice coming soon!